Phil 11.24.22

This Stability-AI repository contains Stable Diffusion models trained from scratch and will be continuously updated with new checkpoints. The following list provides an overview of all currently available models. More coming soon.

Adjective Ordering Across Languages

  • Adjective ordering preferences stand as perhaps one of the best candidates for a true linguistic universal: When multiple adjectives are strung together in service of modifying some noun, speakers of different languages—from English to Mandarin to Hebrew—exhibit robust and reliable preferences concerning the relative order of those adjectives. More importantly, despite the diversity of the languages investigated, the very same preferences surface over and over again. This tantalizing regularity has led to decades of research pursuing the source of these preferences. This article offers an overview of the findings and proposals that have resulted.

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  • Working on chasing down pictures that I can use. Folks, I strongly suggest never using images that might have copyright issues as placeholders. You can get very attached to them!
  • Finished with figures. Here’s an example of what needs to be done. Here’s the before with the placeholder:
  • And here’s the after, using assets from Wikimedia, and an hour or so with Illustrator
  • It looks better, I think, but it was a lot of work