Phil 11.22.2022

This is really good: Annals of a Warming Planet CLIMATE CHANGE FROM A TO Z The stories we tell ourselves about the future.


  • Work on Permissions. It doesn’t look like there some kind of list that is required, but I’ll put together a spreadsheet
  • Take pix of metronomes!
  • Keywords

GPT Agents

  • Meeting with Jason at 2:00
  • Set up reviewer status for Springer AI and Ethics
  • CICERO: An AI agent that negotiates, persuades, and cooperates with people
    • The key to our achievement was developing new techniques at the intersection of two completely different areas of AI research: strategic reasoning, as used in agents like AlphaGo and Pluribus, and natural language processing, as used in models like GPT-3, BlenderBot 3, LaMDA, and OPT-175B. CICERO can deduce, for example, that later in the game it will need the support of one particular player, and then craft a strategy to win that person’s favor – and even recognize the risks and opportunities that that player sees from their particular point of view.