Phil 10.26.2022

To Fight Misinformation, We Need to Teach That Science Is Dynamic

  • Science is a social process, and teaching students how researchers work in tandem to develop facts will make them less likely to be duped by falsehoods

GPT Agents

  • Model Explorer
    • Make it so that seed re-use happens only on new text – Done
    • Add ‘%’ to percentage formatting – Done
    • add parsing of probes to split on commas – Done
    • Get experiment loading working – Done
    • Wire up to db – Not done
      • Created table_text and table_text_data in the gpt_experiments schema
  • 4:00 Meeting today – discuss AI combat paper?


  • Responded to Katy’s email with ideas for website
  • Continue with edits


  • Got a good first pass on Rationale
  • Working on Piloting AI paper
  • Found a good resource with