Phil 10.25.2022
Tried the keyword explorer out on this


  • Sprint planning meeting – done. Started on taks
  • 3:00 pm MCWL meeting. Delayed until Friday

GPT Agents

  • Finish putting in the counters and wire up the model parameters
    • Counters are working and now use regexes
    • Wired up parameters
    • Wired up “save experiment” as json. Need to load back in now
  • Start documentation
  • Added these and other issues to the GitHub project
    "probe_str": "]][[text: ",
    "description": "This is a description",
    "max_len": 128,
    "top_k": 50,
    "top_p": 0.95,
    "num_sequences": 10,
    "batch_size": 1,
    "seed_flag": false,
    "model_path": "D:/Development/models/ivermectin_paxlovid"


  • Start folding in new edits
  • Write up website thoughts for Katy