Phil 10.19.2022

GPT Agents

  • Use the GoogleExplorer as a template for prompt interactions, and try some repeat interactions! Parsed output can easily be rendered as html which should be a nice touch. The text is the main piece, and the meta attributes are <ul> elements
  • Add param list for GPT generation
  • Add buttons to save current output to db
  • Add textarea for description
  • 4:00 Meeting
  • Progress for today!


  • More writing


  • Reply to Katy, and try to set up a meeting? Done. 10:00am tomorrow!
  • Fold in more changes
  • I realize that fiat money is also a self-grounded belief space. I think that means that money, organized religion, and constitutional governments are all related. They are also distinctly different from ungrounded belief spaces. Added a note to the text