Phil 10.18.2022

Call BSO about parking

scikit-learn and Hugging Face join forces

  • Skops” is the name of the framework being actively developed as the link between the scikit-learn and the Hugging Face ecosystems. With Skops, we hope to facilitate essential workflows:
    • The ability to push scikit-learn models on the Hugging Face Hub
    • The possibility to try out models directly in the browser
    • The automatic creation of model cards, to improve model documentation and understanding
    • The ability to collaborate with others on machine learning projects

My first hearing of the phrase “Counter Autonomy”

GPT Agents

  • Stub out ModelExplorer – off to a good start. The App is running, and I’m working out how to parse responses.
  • Start documentation of EmbeddingExplorer


  • 9:15 Standup, then RCS meeting with Rukan
  • Writing for the rest of the day


  • I got the proposal reviews back!
  • Fold edits in
  • Maybe continue on religion chapter? May not have time