Phil 10.14.2022

I track my temperature every morning, along with weight and blood pressure. What can I say? I like to record data. Anyway, I came down with Covid after I came back from Spain in July, got Paxlovid and (motly) recovered in about two weeks. I still had a lingering cough, which is now completely gon. Looking back over the data, my temperature was slightly raised for two months. Not exactly Long Covid, but this thing took a looooong time to shake.


  • 9:00 Meeting with Rukan to go over EntityData
  • Work with Aaron on paper?
  • Copy over the AI & Weapons paper to Overleaf for updating – done. It turns out that I don’t “own” the paper on Arxiv – Aaron Massey does. Downloaded final from Arxiv and uploaded to Overleaf

GPT Agents

  • Added twitter query options to TweetDownloader and a way to disable writes to the db for debugging. I’m afraid to test it given that it’s Friday and all
  • Fix excluded clusters – I think it’s backwards
  • Not sure if I want to build an App to interact with the model. I think so? If only for quick data gathering
    • Find and load a model
    • Calculate percentages
    • Set prompts, generate text, get embeddings and cluster
    • Save good results to db?