Phil 10.13.2022

7:00am Transformers talk

7:00pm Suz’s reading!


  • Had a good chat with Rukan about kernel methods. Looking at ways to produce information to split out features that the system struggles to learn so that they can be handled differently. This led to thinking about adding that information in as a feature and then testing the reconstruction of the feature (e.g. std dev) vs the calculation based on the output as the loss function.
  • Talked to Aaron to work out the experiment design
  • Had to do my MORS expenses AGAIN
  • 9:15 standup
  • 11:30 touch point
  • Get 3D viz working, and start on texture import and using lat/long. It looks like I can use the utm package. There are pieces missing from the directory that I don’t want to chase. Made a simpler viztest directory

GPT Agents

  • The computational sociology group had a meeting again! Went over stuff, and I managed to break the Embedding explorter by removing tweet_row from the view. It should be this:
  • That’s working now
  • Getting more embeddings and clusters
  • Struggled a bit with getting the files to save correctly
  • Generating a model!


  • Continue to roll in changes – caught up!