Phil 2.28.2022

I have gotten to the point where I am proud of my regex-fu: r”[^\d^\w^\s^[:punct:]]”


  • I’m at the MORS conference and did my first presentation to people in three years. Very pleasant. Based on how ML is going over in the other areas, I think MOR is about 2 years behind where I am, which is about a year behind SOTA. This includes large companies like Raytheon. Transfer learning is magic, people are still working with RNNs and LSTMs, and no one knows about Transformers and Attention.
  • Dataiku is pretty neat, but doesn’t learn from their users what works best for a dataset. So odd
  • Had a good chat with Dr. Ryan Barrett about how authoritarian leaders in general and Putin in particular trap themselves in an ever more extreme echo chamber by controlling the media in such a way that the egalitarian voices that use mockery are silenced, while the more extreme hierarchicalists are allowed to continue.

GPT Agents

  • Got the Explore option, where subsampled, clickable nodes are drawn to the canvas works. I was able to find out that several clusters in my pull were in German:
Cluster of German Tweets
  • Need to save all this to the DB next. Started on the buttons. I will also need to load up these other fields, so the retreive_tweet_data_callback() will have to be changed