Phil 9.13.2022


  • Sprint planning
  • Slides for Q1-Q2 presentation


  • Put in Brenda’s changes and sent her the updated version
  • Still need to find the first use of credibility and trustworthiness

GPT Agents

  • Working on TSNE manifold reduction from data
  • 3:30 Meeting? It’s not on the calendar…
  • Here’s some initial clustering from the twitter data. This is TSNE down to 2 dimensions:
  • Paxlovid, then Ivermectin:
  • Need to add clustering, probably at higher dimensions and visualization from that reduced set, just to keep things related (and maybe faster?). Anyway, enough for today.
  • Got tired of making slides. Here are a few perplexity tests:
  • It looks like there are several clusters in the Paxlovid space, but people are mostly talking about the same thing wrt ivermectin with a few small outliers?