Phil 9.12.2022


  • Sprint demos
  • 2:00 MDA Meeting
  • More work on MORS presentation
  • Register for MORS? Waiting for info

GPT Agents

  • Manifold reduction and clustering
  • I had a problem which I was expecting, but dreading nonetheless. I tried to push a file larger than 100MB to GitHub. Ooops! And I’m doing this within the JetBrainsIDE, so the command line options are… difficult
  • To fix this problem in JetBrains, go to the Git->show Git log menu item that brings up the ‘log’ display:
  • Right clicking on the problem commit will bring up a menu. Select Revert Commit (Or possibly Undo Commit? both may work). That will clear the branch.
  • Then re-commit the current branch in the normal way
  • Cannot get umap-learn to import. It just hangs. TSNE works though, so working out how all that works. Success!
TSNE with colored group membership


  • 4:00 Meeting with Brenda
  • Ping Katy on Thursday