Phil 8.18.2022

OPT model for online use:


  • Got a decline from Princeton
  • Sent off the last proposal to University of Toronto. Next are the for-profit presses
  • Got a nice decline from the University of Toronto, that suggested I look at NYU press
  • Sent an example proposal to Jimmy, and got a very encouraging response back!
    • I took a look through Dr. Feldman’s proposal. It’s fascinating stuff; very appropriate and timely with regard to how people get their messaging from social media.  I’ve forwarded it to one of my colleagues who signs in the social sciences area to see if it might be a good fit for her portfolio. If she thinks it is, I’d be happy to make introductions.
    • With regard to the proposal itself, I don’t really have any comments. It’s well done and compelling. I just have one comment about the sample chapter, unrelated to the proposal as a whole.  Dr. Feldman includes several 3rd party figures that are not properly attributed, and with therefore questionable permissions.  For instance, Figure 2: Ruby Bridges with U.S. Marshals.  The caption should include information about where the image came from and should indicate that permission was given to use it.  The same goes for figures 1 and 4.  Perhaps he’s planning to sort that all out once he has a contract but authors do need to be very careful about any third party content they include, even in a sample chapter.
  • Getting in contact with a copy editor via school – get the email and sent an intro. She’s $20/hr. I need to send a sample


  • Continue to push MORS up hill – Submitted!
  • More markdown documentation for Chirp – Done!. Also update PyPi – Done!
  • 9:15 standup
  • 11:30 CSC
  • Quarterly report

GPT Agents

  • Install and play with topic2vec?