Phil 8.17.2022


  • Continue Chirp submission
  • See if topic2vec works, and if it can tell the difference between ivermectin and paxlovid posts
  • IUI 2023
  • I have a fun idea for a paper. Use a mad-libs approach to mindalle prompt generation and see how well the system(s) perform as the prompts go from normal to borderline. We could use machine image description to validate.


  • Quarterly report
  • Chirp
  • MORS
  • RCSNN/3D graphics


  • University of Toronto press? Looked at this last night, but I had just come back from the dentist and didn’t have the motivation. It’s a letter, so it should be straightforward. Then I think the National Academic press is pretty vague, and may just be a letter too. Then it’s time to poke at the for-profit academic press
  • Send Jimmy an example proposal that he can pass on for a sanity check with his editor.