Phil 6.29.2022

Fact-checking movement grapples with a world awash in false claims

  • The torrent of false information, such as the election-fraud claims that led to the assault on the U.S. Capitol, Russian disinformation about the invasion of Ukraine and pseudoscientific assertions about the coronavirus pandemic, has emerged despite the astonishing growth of the fact-checking movement. In 2021, there were 391 active fact-checking projects, according to an annual census by the Duke Reporters’ Lab, up from 168 in 2016.


  • Add a “Clamped” button so that each keyword is limited to max number of pulls but not balanced beyond that
  • Add a “Percent” button so that a certain percentage of tweets are gathered with no max but a minimum of 10


  • Grinding through the RCSNN paper. I’m beginning to think that this will be harder than the “golf ball interceptor”
  • We’re still having problems with IT getting the server up