Phil 6.28.2022

Dentist at 9:40

IPhone at 5:30


  • Lot’s of interaction with Steve
  • Working on lists of comparable for RCSNN


  • Updated the repo
  • Ordered Association of University Presses Directory 2021
  • I’m starting to think about a second book about how to egalitarian systems can actively disrupt authoritarian systems in technology-mediated contexts using the concepts of belief space.
    • This is tangentially related. It is about attacking hackers: Lamboozling Attackers: A New Generation of Deception
      • Imagine a world in which developers and operators of systems exploit attackers as much as attackers exploit defenders. By leveraging system-design knowledge and modern computing to deploy deception environments, software engineering teams can successfully bamboozle attackers for fun and profit while deepening systems resilience.

GPT Agents

  • Everything looks like it’s working when I perise the DB. Need to do some counts of the output
  • 3:30 Meeting tonight