Phil 6.23.2022

Consistent quality improvements by scaling Parti’s encoder-decoder up to 20 billion parameters.

A portrait photo of a kangaroo wearing an orange hoodie and blue sunglasses standing on the grass in front of the Sydney Opera House holding a sign on the chest that says Welcome Friends!

It is interesting that the size of the model does not matter as much for abstract concepts


Pinged Nabeel. If that goes well, maybe we can set up a tiny working group? Maybe add Lynnette? Others? We’ll see


  • I’ve kind of run out of things to do as far as direct content, so I’m playing around with titles using the GPT-3. I have the [insert] prompt between Title: and a brief description from the proposal. The results are pretty interesting:
    • Title: The Coordination of Nature
    • Author: John Clippinger
    • Publisher: MIT Press
    • Genre: Technology, Human Nature, Coordination, Communication, Law
  • I then added Belief is a Place: to the prompt and got these:
    • Title: Belief is a Place: The Evolution of Human Nature and the Emergence of Communication Technologies
    • Author: Dr. Robert E. Markley
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2021)
    • Title: Belief is a Place: Human Nature and the Evolution of Communication
    • Author: Andrew Odlyzko
    • University of Wisconsin Press (Here’s the Author portal)
    • Title: Belief is a Place: How Human Nature and Technology Shapes our Lives
    • Author: William H. Calvin (look up publishers!)
  • This is interesting. It thinks that it is a book that exists already! I have to say, it looks interesting. Ordered…
  • Also, I just discovered Gaia Vince, who has written a book called Transcendence: How Humans Evolved through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time
    • Humans are a planet-altering force. Gaia Vince argues that our unique ability – compared with other species – to determine the course of our own destiny rests on a special relationship between our genes, environment and culture going back into deep time. It is our collective culture, rather than our individual intelligence, that makes humans unique. Vince shows how four evolutionary drivers – Fire, Language, Beauty and Time – are further transforming our species into a transcendent superorganism: a hyper-cooperative mass of humanity that she calls Homo omnis. Drawing on leading-edge advances in population genetics, archaeology, palaeontology and neuroscience, Transcendence compels us to reimagine ourselves, showing us to be on the brink of something grander – and potentially more destructive.