Phil 6.21.2022

Summer solstice!

Tix and hotel – verify airport shuttle – done


  • Sprint review yesterday
  • MDA meeting. Spent most of the time with Chris I. going over the file. Turns out there is a manual, so I need to read that
  • Sprint planning
    • Research monolithic model to compare with RCSNN
    • Continue with RCSNN tool. Start eval?
    • MDA mgmt
    • Support simaccel
    • Set up acct for remote dev on the new server
    • Support Rukan


  • Contact Nabil Galini to set up a chat
  • Add option to clamp to sample size rather than always downloading all the smallest sample
  • Make sure to pull in the full day – done


  • Pull out extra detail from overview – done!
  • Reword “examine” in chapter detail – done!
  • Submit! -Done