Phil 6.15.2022

Overview and key findings of the 2022 Digital News Report

  • A clear throughline in this year’s report is the changing habits of younger groups, specifically those under 30, whom news organisations often struggle to reach. Throughout this Executive Summary, and in a separate chapter, we find that this group that has grown up with social media is not just different but more different than they were in the past. We also explore their use of newer visual networks for news such as TikTok and Instagram, with support from a detailed qualitative study in three countries (UK, US, and Brazil).

GPT Agents

  • Met with Shimei and Jimmy.
    • added ” OR ” to the input list to handle things like “chinavirus OR china virus”
    • Still working towards initial corpus creation. Need to store the queries in the db too
    • No meeting next week


  • Working on Stripe proposal. Set up the root tex file and reworked the OUP parts. I need to do a first person author bio and a lite version of the comparables
  • Need to write a marketing plan


  • Work on RCSNN App
    • Filtering – done
    • Color coding dictionary entries by type – got colors working. It is not obvious!
    def color_text(self, target:str, c:str='red'):
        self.tk_text.tag_remove(target, '1.0', tk.END)

        start_pos =, '1.0', stopindex=tk.END)
        spl = start_pos.split('.')
        index = int(spl[1])
        end_pos = "{}.{}".format(spl[0], index+len(target))
        print("{} pos = {}, end = {}".format(target, start_pos, end_pos))
        self.tk_text.tag_add(target, start_pos, end_pos)
        self.tk_text.tag_config(target, foreground=c)