Phil 4.18.2022


  • Lit review – goal is high quality and relevant
    • Two purposes – understanding the SoA, and finding a gap. This requires critical thinking, and an understanding of the problems, not just appeals to authority
      • Truthiness != trustworthiness
    • Wikipedia, Google, GScholar, and Elicit
      • Also blog posts, videos, etc.
    • Look at cites. Large counts are good! Search within citing
    • Look at authors. Sort by date. Is this recent?
    • Look for survey papers
    • Finding terms to search on is hard. Do not assume that you have the right ones at first.
    • Language model networks
  • Code generation
    • The subclassed code works!
    • Working on executing Python within python. It’s surprisingly easy. You can import the file/class, and then refer to it:
    def run_code_callback(self):
        self.dp.dprint("Run code")
        bdm = importlib.import_module("rcsnn.generated.bd_mon")