Phil 2.3.2022

Data Stuff – It’s stuff I made with data! (@erindataviz)


  • The Planets
  • Spanish – done
  • So we find out what’s going on with SVN?
  • JCS – done


  • 9:15 standup
  • Meeting with Aaron
  • More Transformers book
    • Chapter 3
    • BertViz: Visualize Attention in Transformer Models (BERT, GPT2, T5, etc.)
    • Found (I think) what I’m looking for: MinGPT: “A PyTorch re-implementation of GPT training. minGPT tries to be small, clean, interpretable and educational, as most of the currently available ones are a bit sprawling. GPT is not a complicated model and this implementation is appropriately about 300 lines of code, including boilerplate and a totally unnecessary custom causal self-attention module.

GPT Agents

  • Continue with TwitterV2 count class. Good progress. I have basic functionality:
Chinese New Year!

Need to work on the queries a bit to get phrases. Actually not hard, you just have to use escaped quotes ‘\”happy new year\”‘:

Happy New Year!