Phil 1.20.2022



  • Spanish!


  • Aim to finish commenting code today
  • Spent too much time making a better placeholder callback:
def implement_me(self):
    A callback to point to when you you don't have a method ready. 
    Prints "implement me!" to the output and
    an abbreviated version of the call stack to the console
    #self.dprint("Implement me!")
    self.dp.dprint("Implement me! (see console for call stack)")
    count = 0
    for fi in inspect.stack():
        filename = re.split(r"(/)|(\\)", fi.filename)
        print("Call stack[{}] = {}() (line {} in {})".format(count, fi.function, fi.lineno, filename[-1]))
        count += 1
  • 9:15 Standup
  • Aaron has topic clustering working:

GPT Agents