Phil 12.8.2021


  • Reference the following from The Power of Us, page 160:
    • Each subject’s brain responses reflected the person’s new identity as a Leopard or a Tiger. Unlike in previous studies, we could see that our participants were not responding to the race of the faces but to their new group identity-their team. More specifically, we observed greater activity in our participants’ amygdalae when they saw members of their in-group compared to members of the out-group and, critically, this occurred regardless of their teammates’ race. Now that another identity was central to the situation, race had little to no bearing on how their brains responded to the faces.
    • The greater activation we observed in the amygdalae when people saw in-group faces was consistent with our findings that this region responds to things that are highly relevant to people. Their brain reflected a newfound affinity for the in-group that was most salient to them at that moment. Far from being wired for racism, our brain are, if anything, wired for social identity


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  • Fix motion to target? Played around a good deal. It may be that it is working ok, but the threshold for stopping is changing. I think I may need to add a line that is drawn between the test and target node to make sure that everything is working.

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