Phil 12.7.2021


  • Paper
  • Sprint planning
  • Sticking a little debugging/heatmap work in. And it’s nice when your libraries work. Here’s a small piece of code:
def main():
window = tk.Tk()
window.title("CanvasFrame testbed")

wrapper = tk.Frame(window)
dp = ConsoleDprint()
canvas = CanvasFrame(wrapper, 0, "Graph", dp, width=450, height=400)
dp.create_tk_console(wrapper, 1, char_width=50)


  • That makes this!
  • Really happy that all that works pretty much the first time
  • Ok, I’ve been trying to get the size and location of the canvas and it doesn’t seem to accessible directly, so that means a shadow class, unless I can get the scaled positions from the object itself? Looks like this is the best way:
canvas.canvasx(cf.test_node.x), canvas.canvasy(cf.test_node.y)