Phil 11.5.2021

GPT Agents

  • Creating the 4 and 5 star models currently. Done!
  • Run each through the “vegetarian” options. I’m really curious how LIWC will look at the outputs of the models with relation to each other, and to the ground truth. Also get the counts of the occurrences of each prompt in the GT by star rating. My guess is that it won’t show up in some of the cases, which sets up the Twitter section really well.
  • 4:15 Meeting


  • Fix duplicate entries in the DB topic file – done
  • Back up db – done
  • Create superclass that has most of the parts and then subclass the various implementations (Full, BuildView, ViewScript) – done
  • Work with Aaron on the stories/maps? Also, what is our plan for the paper? In process
  • Ping Antonio? Next week, after the demo


  • Why we’re polarized review