Phil 11.4.2021

WordPress has some serious lag. Need to back this up

GPT Agents

  • Delayed meeting until Friday. That should give me time to get the balanced data working and compare baseline models to the baseline data (American)
  • And the balanced data still isn’t working. I think that there are more paths to good reviews, so the GPT, even when fed balanced data generates unbalanced results. Training up single star models to verify this
  • Also, write a first pass on the introduction that uses the vegetarian Yelp as an example, and then set up to explain the method
  • Do I still need to train x-star models?


  • 9:15 Standup
  • 11:00 LAIC
  • Get the script running for the current map to show at the meeting today – done!


  • Review The Revolt of The Public