Phil 10.29.2021

As a J&J recipient, today is booster day! I will become a cocktail of J&J/Moderna antibodies at 10:00. Hopefully my wifi reception will improve dramatically with these new chips.

  • Leave NLT 9:15

GPT Agents

  • Run some other variations, or show that the usage of “several vegetarian options” is normal speech. The phrase ‘%vegetarian options%’ has 79 reviews in the training set and 4,911 in the holdout set. Going to do a quick boxplot to see if there’s much difference.
  • Pretty much what I expected – very hard to evaluate any difference:
Probably not a good example
  • Running ‘some vegetarian options’ and ‘no vegetarian’ on the 100k American model. It turns out that I ran the default ‘review:’ probe yesterday


  • Getting the separate behavior for the cmdr and sbrd nodes to work. Rather than having them bounce around, I need to have them head to targets at a speed. That means rewriting bits of Moveable node. Done!
Moving to nodes according to script