Phil 10.26.2021

Large Language Models: A New Moore’s Law?

  • When evaluating models, you should pick the smallest one that can deliver the accuracy you need. It will predict faster and require fewer hardware resources for training and inference. Frugality goes a long way.

GPT Agents

  • Added some content to the paper
  • Meeting. Need to compare the stars from something like “%ethnic vegan%” that doesn’t appear much in the training set but shows up significantly in the later data and compare that to the gpt for the prompt “ethnic vegan”


  • Stories! Done!
    • Work with Aaron on document similarity
    • Add script section
    • Create initial maps
    • Plus one of heatmap
  • Fix bug that doesn’t save details
  • Sprint planning
  • I have a much bigger application:
Now with hooks for showing a script!
  • Got a primitive script generator working. Next will be to load it and navigate a map
"time": "Wednesday January 2020 (12:00:00)",
"role": "Commander",
"text": "Commander says something",
"mapgroup": "fff"
"time": "Wednesday January 2020 (12:00:00)",
"role": "Subordinate",
"text": "Subordinate says something",
"mapgroup": "ccc"


  • Add review – nope

Jury Room

  • Quick meeting with Panos about turning the manifesto into a CACM article by Jan 1