Phil 10.8.2021

Looks like tomorrow will be damp. Wool!

Seagull prep

  • Pack wool gear
  • Pack riding food
  • Get burgers and rolls
  • Get beer
  • Load GPS
  • Load bike


  • Write 2 short reviews. Did some more topical overview and wrote a paragraph on Meltdown


  • Verify that subsequent parent-node linking works – done. That took a while. There was more stuff to fix
  • Make sure that we don’t make redundant links, just update weights – done. No weight updating for now. I think I’d rather calculate them on the fly for now
  • Make sure that details get stored with topics – done. Not sure that overwriting the response is a good idea. I think a better idea is to store the current response and replace it in the raw text once the details are set.
  • Get to_string() to show when node is selected – done
  • Enable calls to GPT
  • Monday is database day?

GPT Agents

  • 3:00 Meeting

4:00 Interview