Phil 10.7.2021

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Slowed canonical progress in large fields of science

  • The size of scientific fields may impede the rise of new ideas. Examining 1.8 billion citations among 90 million papers across 241 subjects, we find a deluge of papers does not lead to turnover of central ideas in a field, but rather to ossification of canon. Scholars in fields where many papers are published annually face difficulty getting published, read, and cited unless their work references already widely cited articles. New papers containing potentially important contributions cannot garner field-wide attention through gradual processes of diffusion. These findings suggest fundamental progress may be stymied if quantitative growth of scientific endeavors—in number of scientists, institutes, and papers—is not balanced by structures fostering disruptive scholarship and focusing attention on novel ideas.


  • 9:15 Standup
  • 11:00 LAIC Tagup. Send Aaron a screenshot for the paper – done and integrated into report
  • Adding ForceNodes to MapGroups -done!
  • Adding connections. Done! That took a while. some of my states did not make sense, so the parent node would change. Need to test with successive iterations, but I’m done for the day