Phil 9.24.2021

  • Can a poem be alive? Can we drink poetry?In this event, we explore these ideas through a bioart project. Raaz is a multimedia installation with a poetry-infused bottle of wine surrounded by audio-visual representations of a 14th-century Persian poem on transformation. The transgenic yeast used to make the wine included an encoding of the poem. The installation creates a meditative space surrounded by microscopic images of the yeast and ambient audio that combines a reading of the poem, its Morse code, and an original bass flute melody.During the event you can experience Raaz in-person, hear about the artists’ process and motivations in their opening talk, and participate in a hands-on agar art activity for individuals of all ages!

It’s only just Fall, but the rains came through yesterday and the weather has shifted. The mornings are chilly and the air is drier.

I’m also not getting any traction on the book, so I have to figure out what to do next. Maybe a more academic press? Do you need an agent for that? Anyway, I’m procrastinating on doing any research-y things today and am just going to write some nice therapeutic code.


  • Figured out the problem I was having with scaled and scrolled canvas. The trick is to use the tk.Canvas.canvasx(event.x) and tk.Canvas.canvasy(event.y) calls, which map the window mouse X,Y points to the (larger) canvas coordinates:
Still having a bit of trouble clicking on some nodes though…
  • The other thing that I realize is that I think I want to send data around in JSON files so that the transition to a webapp is easier . Refactoring to support this.
  • Loading and saving out JSON project files: