Phil 9.23.2021

Schedule winterizing!

Summarizing Books with Human Feedback

What’s Working and What Isn’t in Researching Influence Operations?

  • The emergence of a field devoted to researching, and countering, influence operations is something I have watched closely. In 2014, I channeled a fascination with propaganda from the two world wars into researching how the phenomena was changing in a digital age. In those early days, there were few places to find work researching influence operations. The career paths were mostly in academia or in the military or intelligence services. Marrying the two, I chose to pursue a doctorate in war studies. Along the way, I have worked with tech companies, militaries, civil society groups, and governments, learning how each understands and works to counter (and sometimes run) influence operations.
“Scaling Laws vs Model Architectures: How does Inductive Bias Influence Scaling?”

GPT Agents

  • Meeting yesterday. One of the things that came up was that the GPT struggled to train against the French corpora more than the others as measured by out-of-band responses. Need to see what’s going on here. Also, does this show up in LWIC?


  • 9:15 standup – done
  • 11:00 LAIC weekly – went well
  • 12:00 Performance Engineering presentation – missed it
  • 2:00 Adversarial learning weekly – Rukan is working on other things right now, so it was more of a chat. We spent a good deal of time talking about the Pandemonium Cognitive model.
  • 3:30 Monthly Data Science tagup. Cool presentation on LANDSAT
  • 4:00 Phone interview – That was fun!
  • GUI
    • Trying to figure out why the scrollbars mess up the node picking
    • Adding project setup page