Phil 9.21.2021

Is it the first day of Fall? Nope, tomorrow

Two passes by agents for the book. Sigh. Should I start thinking about turning chapters into articles?

Is The Far-Right’s Praise Of The Taliban Indicative Of Something Bigger?

  • Radical ideologies can and do inevitably interconnect historically; the far-right’s fascination with radical forms of Islam is not a new phenomenon and while it may have been accentuated by militant Islamists’ fame, we cannot overlook these movements deep historic roots and how historical fragments, real or imagined, intersect to inspire elements of the far-right today.


  • Helped Aaron yesterday with getting formatting right on the report
  • Stand up today. Mention funding. Come to think of it, add an approximate token price calculator for a session. That info may be in the JSON file that comes back from OpenAI
  • Add a Run/Stop button to the graph display (done!). Will still need to be able to drag around nodes
  • Tkinter canvas zoom + move/pan
Working Scrollbars!
Working zoom!
  • Zoom turned out to be a bit tricky, because the lines were not being scaled and translated along with the nodes. TO do this, I needed to use the screen coordinates for the nodes, which I got like this:
def set_screen_coords(self):
coords = = (coords[0] + coords[2])/2 = (coords[1] + coords[3])/2
  • Which I then combined with the global(!) positions of the nodes to get the combined effect:
self.x += self.dx * elapsed
self.y += self.dy * elapsed, self.dx * elapsed, self.dy * elapsed) # global coords
self.set_screen_coords() # get local coords

for n, l in self.neighbor_dict.items():,,,, #use local coords
  • Got selection working:
  • Got labels working:

GPT Agents

  • The French, Chinese, and Mexican reviews are still cooking. It looks like about 8 hours more to finish generation, then the sentiment. So everything will probably be done tomorrow? Then I can run the analysis, and probably start writing.
  • Also, in the app, I want to try hooking the system to the local GPT models, and try to reproduce the chess board.