Phil 8.20.21

Fun AA baseball game yesterday. Baysox go to the playoffs!


  • Reading Jarod’s SLR

GPT Agents

  • Creating French, Chinese, and Mexican reviews from the models. This will probably take a few days


  • Start adding functionality to UI
  • Add config file for db and OpenAI access. Add popups if accesses are missing
  • Working on getting all the pieces working for drawing a network graph. It’s coming along nicely. I can draw animated nodes and lines now:
  • I found this version of ForceAtlas2 on Github, so I think I can have a level of force-directed network drawing
  • Subclassing ForceNode from MoveableNode. And it’s working!
  • Need to stop calculation when dx/dy drop below a certain threshold, and click on node to:
    • Drag
    • Get info
    • Set source and target for trajectories