Phil 9.3.2021

It’s September, and after weeks of humidity and 90+ highs, a storm passed through and left ups with clear blue skies, cool nights, and beautiful days.

New article on! A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks

  • Neural networks have been adapted to leverage the structure and properties of graphs. We explore the components needed for building a graph neural network – and motivate the design choices behind them.


  • Working on tweaks for today’s meeting
  • 2:00 Meeting


  • Continue with Svelte
  • I seem to have been able to get typescript set up and running:
  • Which gives us this:
  • Work on finding a venue for the automating imagination paper
  • OED Definition of imagination:
    • The power or capacity to form internal images or ideas of objects and situations not actually present to the senses, including remembered objects and situations, and those constructed by mentally combining or projecting images of previously experienced qualities, objects, and situations. Also (esp. in modern philosophy): the power or capacity by which the mind integrates sensory data in the process of perception.
  • Also, using GNNs as ways of storing the relationships between the text generated by the GPT