Phil 9.2.2021

I Asked GPT-3 About Covid-19. Its Responses Shocked Me. Generative AI systems could guide future pandemic decision-makers

  • No public health authority should rely on an AI system to make recommendations, of course. But as they grow in power and reach, AI systems could become another tool in leaders’ belts, allowing them to quickly parse existing scientific knowledge for insights that could help to guide in-the-moment decision-making. As the systems become better at citing their sources and explaining their output, their value as tools for guiding decision-making will only grow, because the validity of their predictions can be checked and vetted.


  • 7:30 Meeting with Zach. I’m going to see if he agrees with the “front-end-first” approach I’d like to try. He agrees, so I’m working my way through the tutotial
  • To install a template project as per here, you have to use the git command line app
Installing the template project from the GIT command line
  • That creates the following structure:
Project structure in IntelliJ
  • Then to run the app, I use the terminal and use <ctrl> enter:
Getting things running
  • This handles hot deployment in the browser, so I think I’m doing it right?
  • This is pretty cool. Branching logic for HTML:
  • And looping!
  • 2:00 Meeting with Rukan & Aaron?