Phil 7.26.21

There is this thing called PyTorch Lightning that supports scaling of your models and integrates with Grid.AI

Grid.AI is designed for developing and training deep learning models at scale.

  • Create a DATASTORE with your dataset.
  • Spin up an interactive SESSION to develop, analyze and prototype models/ideas.
  • When you have something that works, train it at scale via RUN.
  • Grid allocates all the machines and GPUs you need on demand, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.


  • Talk to Rukan about the simulator – brief discussion, then pulled back into the proposal
  • Work on slides – finished first draft


  • Good chat with Michelle on Friday. The proposal is coming along!


  • Finished the 200k Yelp run
  • 4:30 Meeting with Andreea. Nice discussion. We might be able to set up some research that involves understanding the use of metaphor by the GPT