Phil 7.21.21

The Myth of Panic

  • …when cities in China, Europe, and finally the United States descended into lockdown, there was no mass panic. There was fear, yes, plenty of it—but that fear did not lead to irrational, hysterical, or violent group behavior. Our fear did not lead to looting, pogroms, or unrest. The fearful of Wuhan did not rise up in rebellion against the Communist Party; even when Italian doctors began rationing medical equipment and supplies, the fearful of Milan did not loot stores or disrupt the medical system; the fearful of New York did not duel each other to the death over toilet paper rolls.
  • I do think that panics do happen when dimensions are sufficiently reduced. We have examples of human stampedes in confined areas, as well as runaway conditions in constrained belief spaces like stock market bubbles and crashes. And lastly, there are examples of herding such as the Rwandan genocide and the current moral panic about Critical Race Theory (the most recent of many). So it is more complex. That being said, when dimensions are high, I think the article is exactly right.

GPT Agents

  • Quick meeting yesterday. We all agree that the results look good.
  • The 50k model is done. Training the 25k model now


  • A lot more writing. Need to get the proper charge number – done
  • At first complete draft except section 4
  • LAIC meeting went well too. Money will get turned on shortly?