Phil 5/22 – 5/26

On vacation, but still keeping track of a few things

Six days on a bike!

Truth, Lies, and Automation How Language Models Could Change Disinformation

  • Growing popular and industry interest in high-performing natural language generation models has led to concerns that such models could be used to generate automated disinformation at scale. This report examines the capabilities of GPT-3–a cutting-edge AI system that writes text–to analyze its potential misuse for disinformation. A model like GPT-3 may be able to help disinformation actors substantially reduce the work necessary to write disinformation while expanding its reach and potentially also its effectiveness.

A quick thought about organizing topics from the GPT-3.

  • For each topic, have the GPT define the phrase – something like “___ is a complex subject. Here is a one-paragraph overview of ___”
  • Using Doc2Vec or something similar, cluster all the overview paragraphs
  • Order the topic names by occurrence, possibly with some similarity filtering as well
  • Use the best topic, and keep the descriptions for enhancing the map display using popups