Phil 5.21.21

Another big writing day


  • Currently at 7.5M reviews ingested
  • Need to integrate the DB into the interactive code
  • Need to clean up the interactive code so that there is a callback dispatcher that handles all the ins and outs, rather than the current multiple callbacks
  • Need to make a component class that keeps the html/dash elements along with names, Inputs and Outputs so that the important elements aren’t scattered all over the code
  • 3:30 Meeting with Sim to go over Twitter API


  • Good discussion with Rukan. We were able to do a bit of regression analysis on loss with respect to parameters, though the Bayesian search got stuck in an odd place. Turns out that less is better. Trying a grid search next
  • Coordination without communication abstract
  • Commercialization section
  • Slides


  • Made more progress on the article than I thought I would
  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle – she likes the direction it’s going! Need something for the beginning. Also, incorporate her edits on Scratch.