Phil 5.3.21

Call about trailer! Sold, dammit


  • 10:00 Meeting with Antonio. Nice discussion on moving forward. He suggests using the mapper to create a meta-knowledge graphing tool that works along the lines of the Third Author approach, where an expert can influence and interactively edit the creation of the maps
  • Worked on my UTF-8 problem, but it’s still not fixed
  • New Religion Map
  • New World Map
  • Good meeting with Andreea about metaphors. It was interrupted by some kind of alert, so we’ll finish next week.


  • Went over Rukan’s progress, which is pretty nice, particularly for ensembles:
  • He’s going to do a big run tonight to see how more training helps
  • We also talked about adding multihead attention to the middle layers. We may do an experiment on that