Phil 4.30.21

April is almost over! And after a couple of summer-like days, we’re back to seasonal


  • 3:30 Meeting
  • Working on a first pass at the religion map. Asking the GPT-3 for “A short list of religions:” returned a response that I regex’d into the following:
["Christianity", "Islam", "Hinduism", "Buddhism", "Judaism", "Sikhism", "Confucianism", "Shintoism", "Taoism", "Zoroastrianism", "Jainism", "Wicca"]
  • Next was getting the prompt:
"A short list of the religions that are closest to {}:"
  • working with the model. There are more varied responses, so the parsing is a little more complex. The way that I’m currently working is by having the model return ten (rather than 3) responses that I then organize:
    • The first element is to look for a similar Wikipedia page, which is done as follows:
source_term = "Seax Wicca"
page_list =, suggestion=False)
closest_list = dl.get_close_matches(source_term, page_list)

d = {}
total = 0
for p in closest_list:
views = get_wiki_pageviews(p)
d[p] = views
total += views

for k in d:
print("'{}' = {:,} views ({:.1f}%)".format(k, d[k], d[k]/total*100))
  • Which generates:
['Seax-Wica', 'Magical tools in Wicca', 'Raymond Buckland', 'Wicca', 'Wheel of the Year', 'Altar (Wicca)', 'History of Wicca', 'Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)', 'Horned God', 'Faery Wicca']
['Seax-Wica', 'Wicca', 'Faery Wicca']
'Seax-Wica' = 194 views (0.7%)
'Wicca' = 25,755 views (97.7%)
'Faery Wicca' = 417 views (1.6%)
  • I think for the time being, I’ll just pull the first one (closest_list[0]) and see what that looks like, though I could also use all close matches or the one with the largest page views
  • Rolling all the changes into GraphToDB. Urk.
  • I had to tweak out some junk text (maybe UTF-8 issues?) Here’s an example: = “Baháʼí Faith” is being rendered as
  • Here’s a bigger one:


  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle. Nice progress!
  • 5:00 Meeting With Chris C. That was a really nice chat!
    • Need to write up a paragraph about me and my work.