Phil 3.16.21

GPT Agents

  • I think I know how I want to structure the paper
    • Intro – discuss Tay, and how machine learning incorporates human input and reflects it back. This means that we have created ‘oracles’ that we can ask about the populations that contributed to their knowledge. In this type of computational sociology, finding and understanding the biases in these populations is an important part of the research
    • Introduce finetuned language models. Start with the chess model, and show how we can see the rank of piece terms rise and fall over the course of a sentence
    • Methods/results – describe the process of extracting chinavirus and sars-cov-2 as potential markers of different populations. Then prompts and runs to see the central terms that the models use. Show the stats. Then using the most popular terms from each model, run Ecco trajectories to show the rank behavior of these terms
    • Discussion. The possibilities of “interactive snapshots” of a population’s online behavior. The ongoing difficulty in prompt creation. Potential of maps?
    • Created the template
  • Note – Create Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump prompts – done!
  • Finished the noun finding, now running the ranks


  • Project planning
  • Working on the ONR slides task