Phil 3.15.21 (Ides of March)

GPT Agents

  • Worked on getting useful text to look at out of the models. Using flair to scan for POS. That way I can grab the first noun that occurs which makes for less text to look through, and more useful than just looking at the first word. I think that this will also be the approach that I’ll use to pull data out of the GPT-3 for maps.
  • Finished training the COVID model, and committed to VCS
  • Got some results for the first term. Going to re-run for some number of terms next. Also played around with the resulting spreadsheets a bit to look for patterns


  • Updating my drivers, verifying that TF still works, and upgrading to PT 1.8
    • Drivers are all updated as per here
    • Updated TF to 2.4.1 and everything still works
    • Trying to install pytorch 1.8, which wants CUDA 11.1. Going to try it with 11.0 first