Phil 12.22.20

Next year, this date will be very symmetric. Is it going to be the last palandromic date for a while? like for about 1,000 years?

GPT-2 Agents:

  • Need to go through the “full” data, parse the date and ad that row as content once the ingest is done
  • Still adding phase 13 data
  • Still need to fix the embedding code
  • Nice chat with Mike D. about the whole concept. We’ll connect again after the holidays
  • 3:30 meeting – nope


  • Updating the ASRC box. The IDE and a bunch of plugins are all out of date – done!
  • Verifying that the yaw flip works. Yep! That is a thing of beauty:
Commanded and vehicle angles
  • Here’s the reaction wheel angular velocity. It’s a bit rough looking, which is curious, but I’m guessing that it has to do with clamping issues that I need to fix:
Reaction wheel angular velovities
  • Check stability on rotating cubes for quickstep and world.step
  • Start cleaning up simulator physics and data. I think that a text file to describe the tasks (start angle, end angle, real world time, time multiple, output file) would be nice, since we’re going to have to generate a lot of data.
  • Also, fix whatever is broken with the mouse controls
  • Need to look into headless runs


  • Really extended the deprogramming section to highlight the importance of diversity