Phil 11.17.20


  • Got my panda3D text positioning working. I create a node and then attach the text to it. I think that’s not needed, that all you have to do is use render rather than the a2* options. Here’s how it works:
for n in self.tuple_list:
ls:LineSegs = self.lp.get_LineSeg(n)
node = TextNode(n)
tnp:NodePath = self.render.attachNewNode(node)
#tnp.set_pos(-1, ypos, 1)
self.text_node_dict[n] = tnp
  • I then access the node paths through the dict


  • Spent a good chunk of the morning discussing the concept of dominance hierarchies and how they affect networks with Antonio
  • Need to write some, dammit!


  • My abstract has been accepted at the Military Operations Research Symposium’s (MORS) 4 day workshop in November!
  • More Replayer. Working on text nodes. Done! It looks good, and is pointing out some REALLY ODD THINGS . I mean, the reaction wheel axis are not staying with the vehicle frame…
  • 10:00 meeting with Vadim
  • The (well, a) problem was that the reaction wheel vectors weren’t being reset each time, so the multiplies accumulated. Fixed! Now we have some additional problems, but these may be more manageable:

GPT-2 Agents

  • Continuing to ingest tweets:
  • 3:30 Meeting