Phil 11.13.20


  • Look into Prof. Kristin Du Mez (Calvin College – @kkdumez)’s book (Jesus and John Wayne)?
  • More writing
  • Meeting with Michelle. Came up with an interesting tangent about programming/deprogramming wrt software development and cults

GPT-2 Agents

  • Adding an optional split regex to parse_substrings. Here’s how I wound up doing it. This turns out to be slightly trickey, because the matches don’t include the text we’re interested in, so we have a step that splits out all the individual texts. We also throw away the text that leads to the first line and the last line of text since both can be assumed to be incomplete
split_regex = re.compile(r"(?=On [a-zA-Z]+ of [0-9]+,)")
split_iter = split_regex.finditer(tweet_str)
start = 0
tweet_list = []
for s in split_iter:
t = tweet_str[start: s.start()]
start = s.start()
  • Shimei’s presentation went well!
  • Work on translation


  • Start on playback of the vehicle and reference frames