Phil 11.3.20

Election day! Cue ominous music

Listening to Drinking with Historians episode with Drew McKevitt, and this came up:

..when when this came up with my students so my students they’re just an awesome group. I had this is two years ago i would say you know probably 18 of them probably 15 of them identified as like gun rights people right so they were they they owned guns themselves or they were all in favor of gun rights. And like every time the AR-15 came up and they’re just like “that’s this is just stupid culture war like that’s why people buy the gun.” These are like these are students who themselves are like gun rights people or gun owners and like that’s why people buy it it’s a culture war thing. I mean look at that guy in St Louis right who who pulled out his AR-15 and was aiming it at the protesters. Like what the hell is that guy doing with that gun? It’s total culture war stuff. It’s you know as we’d say like virtue signaling or something like that and that that’s what it is it’s saying. Like this it’s it’s it’s voting by buying a gun.”



  • Adding some content from Chimpanzee Politics and working with the Moby Dick section. I think that’s coming together now. Need to talk about how Starbuck continues to have his own thoughts, but goes along with the consensus of the ship, even though he suspects that this will kill him

GPT-2 Agents

  • Meeting with Sim and Shimei. We’re going to focus on getting some preliminary results for the 13th
  • Looked at the results for the medium model and all agree that it looks much better. Going to train the