Phil 11.2.20

There appears to be some kind of imminent election for national office

My presentation is tomorrow, just before lunch, in the Modeling Simulation and Software Technical Session.


  • Status report
  • Over the weekend, I started to play with what happens when the AngleController isn’t getting any angles.
  • What seems to be happening is an underdamped condition where the reaction wheels start oscillating and take off after a while. The left side of the charts generally seem to be something that could be handled with thresholding, but the fact that the system doesn’t recover and continue to oscillate around its zero pitch/roll/yaw position makes me thing that something funny is going on. I think the next thing to do is to plot these values in 3D to see if the reaction wheel axis contributions are being calculated correctly with respect to the normal


  • Was able to use the medium GPT2 model on the middle eastern and Trump rally data, but ran out of GPU memory if I tried to use the large model
  • Trying out some probes on the Trump medium model. I think it could be really interesting to combine the rally data with other Trump (and maybe other?) sources (like tweets) to build out the dataset
  • A nice topic modelling notebook with NMF and LDA


  • Organizing the chimpanzee section, and working on the Moby Dick part