Phil 8.24.20

Getting new gutters today!

Clearing the Confusion: Scaling in PCA

  • Many resources on machine learning (ML) methodology recommend, or even state as crucial, that one scale (or standardize) one’s data, i.e. divide each variable by its standard deviation (after subtracting the mean), before applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Here we will show why that can be problematic, and provide alternatives.

GPT-2 Agents

  • Running analytics on legal moves and move frequency
    • gpt_view_400 – done
    • gpt_view_200- done
    • gpt_view_100- done
    • gpt_view_50- done
  • Need to start on Twitter parser


  • 2:00 Meeting with T- done
  • 2:30 Sim status- done