Phil 8.21.20

Checking out Flourish for data visualization

GPT-2 Agents

  • Hitting malformed descriptions in the 200k model that caused the program to crash twice. It was at 146k moves, which is probably enough to get statistics on illegal moves. Fixed the error with a try/except and moved onto the next model. I’ll go back and rerun if the fix works. Now over 100k moves on the 100k model with no problems. Yet.
  • Pinged Dave Saranchak about the The Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF) as a venue


  • 1:00 Meeting with Vadim. Yaw flip today? YES!!!
  • Trying to work through what a malfunctioning RW would look like to the vehicle control. RW2 is critical for Roll, and RW5 is critical for Pitch and Roll. How is this system redundant?
  • I think I need to make some plots to understand this
  • So I think this is starting to make sense. There is always a point where any two rwheels are equal. You can see this on the RW1-RW4 graph. On the other, it’s just further to the left. This means that you can make them cancel and then manipulate the vehicle on the desired axis. This should be a matter of setting a scalar value such that the desired axis is nonzero. I’ll play around with that after lunch.